Why Career Counselling?

Setting of goals

Success in a career involves clarity on long term goals and aspirations. It can help individuals identify their passions and develop a clear vision for their professional future. Setting of goals is important as it helps students to stay focused, motivated, and organized in their academic and personal lives.


Career counselling can help individuals gain a deeper understanding of their strengths, skills, values, and personality traits. This self-awareness can assist in making more informed career decisions and choosing paths that align with one's unique attributes.

Improved decision-making

Career counselling can provide individuals with tools and resources to make well-informed career decisions. This can lead to making choices that are more aligned with one's personal and professional goals.

Enhanced job satisfaction

By identifying suitable career paths and ensuring alignment with personal values and interests, career counselling can help individuals find greater satisfaction in their work. This can result in increased motivation, engagement, and overall happiness in their chosen career.

Clarification of goals

Career Guidance helps to explore different career paths, set achievable goals, and create a plan to work towards them. They provide guidance on improving your skills, gaining relevant experience, and networking to help you reach your goals and achieve long-term success and satisfaction.



WE2FUTURE is a one stop solution for all your career related queries.
We2future advocates the importance of creating one’s future through calculated and determined decisions.
It is the perfect platform for young students to enquire about the various career avenues and gain knowledge about the different options available.
It doesn’t matter if you are struggling with course selection, university application, career planning, we have a solution for you with the sole purpose of empowering you to make a better decision.
The innumerable career options and courses available in today’s time and the information overload makes it very confusing both for parents and students alike. It is here that WE2FUTURE comes in to help you. We help you not just to suggest which courses to apply to but also help find the right fit for your child in various modes of education-liberal arts, traditional university setups etc. while keeping in mind his future career goals.



Sangeeta has a Bachelor of Commerce from Narsee Monjee College and Diploma in Business Management from NMIMS.
She has a Diploma in Integrative Counselling with completion of Robert Carkhuff, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy and Transactional Analysis models of counselling.
She also has attained a certificate for Global Career Counselling from UCLA.
She is extremely motivated and passionate in whatever she chooses to do. She has strong communication skills and knows how to handle and work with kids.
She holds a successful record when it comes to understanding student’s aspirations and guiding them on the right career path. Her career milestones make her a preferred choice for students looking for expert career counselling.
Her USP is to get parent & child on the same page for the career decisions. It helps the child to focus on their goals with full parental support.

SERVICES we offer

Career Guidance

We2future provides comprehensive guidance to individuals seeking to navigate their career paths. We help clients identify their interests, strengths, and skills, allowing them to make informed career choices aligned with their personal and professional aspirations.

Educational and Training Assistance

We2future provides full information about the educational opportunities and training programs. We can help clients explore different study options, search for universities and entrance exams to be taken. We help you create a plan to gain the necessary skills and qualifications for their desired careers.

Psychometric Tests

We assist kids assist students in connecting their interests with their career plans. We provide with psychometric tests with details of personality, aptitude and interests. The report is shared with the client also for future references.

Career Transition Support

We can help individuals going through career transitions. This includes assisting with career changes due to technological advancements, industry shifts, job loss, or personal circumstances. We provide support and guidance to ensure a smooth transition to new career paths.

Career Preparation

Career counsellors play a crucial role in preparing young individuals for the workforce. They offer guidance to high school and college students, helping them explore career options, develop skills, and make informed decisions about their future careers.

Career Advancement

Career counsellors assist individuals who seek career advancement. They provide guidance on career planning, leadership development, and creating career portfolios. They may also offer mentorship opportunities to help clients progress in their careers.

Whatever you want to achieve in life We2future will help you get there.


This is to put on record that the career counselling provided by we2future has been very enlightening putting to ease all the jitters that our students had about the path they had planned for their future. Thank you so much Sangeeta Gangwani for being the guiding light to Spark-A-Change Foundation’s students Pragya, Goushalya and Sultan. Wishing you the very best for your venture and just like you have paved the path for her, may you instil the confidence into the lives you touch. With Best Wishes, 

Avani Dalal

Sangeeta has been a guiding light for my close relative, Nayan. Because of 12th exams being cancelled, he was very upset and confused about what will his career be like and where would he stand in this competitive era. She has a 1 on 1 session with Nayan and took keen interests in understanding his likes/dislikes, interests in the subjects and the profession he wanted to opt for. She suggested him various options which suited him and also gave him guidance for colleges he could select. It’s only because of Sangeeta that Nayan is confident enough in what he wants to do and is able to make the correct decision for his career

Krushita Khimsaria

I had recommended Sangeeta Gangwani from We2Future few of my students for career counselling. All these students were pretty confused regarding the subjects to be chosen and the right field to be taken by them. I must say that Sangeeta has guided all of them with patience and understanding. They have come back to me saying that they were absolutely happy with the way they were guided and run through the procedure. Sangeeta has a lot of knowledge about guiding the kids and have been successfully carrying this out. I would highly recommend her to all my contact spheres

Ami Obhan

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